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Business Insurance Winona, MN

Business Insurance in Winona, MNOperating a business can be a stressful endeavor. Keeping it protected doesn’t have to be. At Atlas Insurance Brokers of Winona, we quote your business insurance with multiple commercial insurance carriers, like Progressive, The Hartford, Travelers, and many more. This lets us find you quality coverage for a great price. Protecting your business is our business. Contact us or request quotes now.


What Coverage Does My Business Need?

With such a wide variety of business operations and sizes, figuring out your coverage can sometimes be difficult. We can help find insurance with broad coverage for general business operations as well as coverage specific to your industry and risk exposures. Many industries require specialized coverage to protect risk associated with their unique operations or services.


Business Insurance Coverage

Business Auto Insurance

Covers your business vehicles and employees, while they’re driving for work.

Commercial Property Insurance

Covers your building, office furniture, signage, and other property.

General Liability Insurance

Covers lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage caused to another party.

Excess Liability Insurance

Covers liability claims that exceed the limits of underlying policies, like General Liability.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Covers medical bills and lost wages for employees that are hurt or made ill in the course of their work.

Garagekeepers Liability

Covers damages to a customer vehicle while it is in your care, custody, and control.

And More

There are many coverage options available that may or may not be right for you. We’ll help you figure out what’s needed and what isn’t.

Coverage Options

Damage to Rented Premises Coverage
Medical Expenses Coverage
Personal Injury Coverage
Products & Completed Operations Liability 
And More


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